Sunday, 30 November 2014

End of November's Theme.

Well that's that for this month. Did you remember to make art a part of your November?

Photo Gallery by

Lots more fascinating pieces. And wow, we are three months in already. Really starting to get body of work together.
Tomorrow will bring the last Try Square theme of 2014. Who knows what it will be?
I do, but I'm not telling... until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Robert P. Ryan.

Okay, Mr. Me's one:
Robert P. Ryan, oil paint & digital editing.

Emma O'Shaughnessy.

Forget about cheese dreams, this image was created by Ms. O'Shaughnessy while eating her morning eggs:

Emma O'Shaughnessy, mixed media.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


If you cast your mind all the way back to Try Square's first theme, you may recall the contribution of Mr. Patrick Edmund Lynch.
No? Can't ah... place it at all? Slightly awkward.
Well here's a reminder:

Prints of this piece will soon be available.You can pick one up so you'll never forget again!
Once more over to the man himself for the details:

"‘A Giant Leap’ limited edition 12" prints // PRE-ORDER NOW
Available December 7th // Unframed €70 // Framed €120
To place your order and arrange delivery, please e-mail (patrick at patrick lynch dot i e) or send me a private Facebook message.
Due to popular demand, I have produced a limited edition of 50 digital prints of ‘A Giant Leap’. Inspired by Royal de Luxe bringing the giant grandmother to Limerick to celebrate Limerick City of Culture 2014 I set to work on an illustration that would try to capture the energy and ramshackle beauty of the event. From the desk in my studio to the printers of Thinkk Creative to the workshop of Cummins Picture Framing, each of these 50 first edition prints supports local business here in Limerick City: Ireland’s first National City of Culture."

Patrick has a Facebook page as well as one of those Twittery things:@thePELportfolio.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Patrick Edmund Lynch.

I'm going to directly quote the man himself for this one:
"At first, you may think it's a dark square with some numbers in it... but behold the black magic of detail as your eyes adjust (or your monitor's brightness shoots up for no reason)"

Patrick Edmund Lynch, "Remember", digital painting.

May be updating this post soon with some fascinating information that you possibly could not live without!

Shane Horan.

Here's Mr. Horan's piece:

Shane Horan.

Shane has informed me that he plans to do all his submissions on Post-It notes. It's a great way to keep everything square and particularly fitting for this month's theme.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sinead Hanrahan

Mmm mmm light the corners of my mind, 
Misty, watercoloured... oh, ahem, it's you again.

Sinead Hanrahan, "Fred", ink and charcoal.

Ms. Hanrahan took time out of her busy schedule of pouring milk on people's books to produce this, and I'm very glad she did. 
Take time out, that is, not pour milk all over my book.
But I'm not sour about it.
I bet my book is though.
Sour. All stinkin' of milk. 

Defné Cetin.

I was concerned that this month's theme might be a little mentally jarring.

Defné Cetin, watercolour and pen.

You can find much more of Ms. Cetin's work on her Facebook page. She's always posting new pieces up there, so give it a peek!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Theme for November.

It's November. Yay!
Now, what was it I wanted to write? Ah yes, this month's theme:


This theme may be slightly more abstract than the previous ones, so you'll have more to chew on as you think about how to visually represent it. But as I ALWAYS say here, the theme is merely a jumping off point and it is completely up to you what you take from it and use in your finished image. The end result is not the important part. If in doubt, recall the words of Mr. Francis Bacon:

"What is called inspiration only comes really from regular work"

So get it done!

If you are new to Try Square you gotta fight! Sorry, forgot where I was there for a second. If you are new to Try Square, the main thing you need to know is that this is for you! Make a piece of square art and send it to The work remains your property etc. etc.

There was one more very important thing... ammm...

End of October's Theme.

BUH! What's that behind you?!

Sorry, I... I thought I saw something. It's the thirty-first of October, which means that tonight can only be one thing: the end of our second theme.

Photo Gallery by

This post will be here for any late arrivals, but it's also an opportunity for me to thank this month's participants. Luckily none of the art was too spooky for me, but it was all pretty cool. A special thanks also goes to Mr. Eamonn O'Neill for his management of the Instagram account. Plus, I'm now thinking it's probably not a bad thing to at least refer to the work in each post, so that will be happening from now on, to hell with it.

Tomorrow will see more thematic action, so give a look to see what November's buzz is.

BUH! There it is again!